Be Scofield and Balanced Journalism?

In “Spiritual teacher Padma Aon Prakasha: A response to nonsense,” author Padma Aon Prakasha responds directly to Be Scofield’s article about allegations of Prakasha’s misconduct. Prakasha wrote the response after receiving no response from Scofield to Prakasha’s invitation of public dialogue about the article’s assertions and the underlying allegations — in lieu, he claims, of taking his grievances to court. Prakasha claims that Scofield included none of the content of a more than two-hour phone conversation between Scofield and Prakasha in her article, that Scofield presented subjective recollections of events as empirical fact, and that Scofield reneged on her promise to write a “balanced” article about Prakasha. Prakasha argues that Scofield acts in furtherance of a “carefully planned agenda to take down a spiritual leader well before researching her target,” and then devotes hundreds of words to offering his side of her article’s major claims. 

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