Does Be Scofield Use a Double Standard?

In “The absurd whiteness of Be Scofield,” an article posted to Free Thought Blog, the anonymous author accuses Be Scofield, the self-described “toxic spirituality” watchdog, of unfairly libeling New Atheists as “flaming racists.” The author argues that Scofield uses a double standard in demanding empirical data and analysis from proponents of New Atheism, reasoning that proponents of specific religions and the practice of religion in general are not typically asked to provide such evidence for their claims. The author further reasons that Scofield’s request is self-defeating, as no religion to date has accurately described the empirical reality of the world as we understand it. The author concludes by acknowledging that New Atheism remains less diverse than the population as a whole while arguing that Scofield refuses to see the movement’s recent progress in creating a more inclusive environment.