10. Be Scofield Continues to Defame and Threaten Spiritual Teachers

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Be Scofield Continues to Defame and Threaten Spiritual Teachers

As mentioned previously, at the time of this writing, Be Scofield has published blistering attacks on her gurumag.com website about the following people:

  • Dalai Lama
  • Byron Katie
  • Abraham Hicks
  • Eckhart Tolle
  • Aaravindha Himadra
  • Teal Swan
  • Uma Inder
  • TJ Bartel
  • Andrew Barnes
  • Robert Masters
  • Padma Aon Prakasha
  • Alex Vartman
  • Bentinho Massaro
  • Swami Vivekananda
  • Mooji (Portugal)
  • California Institute of Integral Studies
  • Shantan Nityama
  • Actor Gano Grills
  • Andrew Cohen

Our investigation revealed that for at least some of these victims, Scofield approached them using several different email names, called herself “Jamie,” and identified herself as a journalist wanting an interview, but refused to give her real name or the name of her website or publication.

The following is an account written by TJ Bartel, one of Scofield’s many victims, for inclusion in this report.

I am among the many teachers who have been targeted by Be Scofield. The article she wrote about me and my colleagues was filled with easily exposed falsehoods. Even so, it has deeply damaged my reputation and my practice causing me to retire from doing the most intimate and sought after aspect of my work: sexual activation sessions.

Scofield claimed to be an unbiased investigative reporter, but she did not investigate or attempt in an unbiased way to seek the truth. She claimed to put in many hours over several weeks to write her blog, but she reached out to me just three days before she posted it. She emailed my team through my website contact form using an anonymous email address and the false name “Jamie,” saying I had just three days to call her if I wished to comment or respond, and that she would be “grilling” me.

My team followed their protocol for press and public inquiries and replied by saying that I would be happy to speak with her if should would simply give her full name and the publication she was writing for or the location of where this article was to be posted. She was also told that the text and email evidence that showed the claims were false would be made available to her. She did not accept that opportunity to review the written evidence that showed the truth. Despite knowing she had failed to review critical evidence, Scofield went forward with her attack blog.

Once the blog was posted, she recruited people to repeatedly share the blog on social media and re-blog it on their own blogs. This caused the rapid spread of the false claims against me and they were seen by my clients, peers, friends, and family via social media. People shared these lies believing they were well-researched facts, because Scofield purports to spend hours and hours investigating. This caused a significant disruption of our practitioner community, sewing discord and contention. It also harmed the staff and volunteers at the school as they were disparaged by Scofield as well.

Had she properly investigated, she would have discovered that many of these false claims came from a small group of disgruntled students who were spreading gossip and false information so for their own gain, taking out ads when the claims first surfaced to capitalize on the drama and trauma they created.

Since Scofield posted her blog, the small claims case against me by the unhappy client mentioned in the article was dismissed. The judge reviewed all the evidence and she agreed that I was not guilty of any kind of abuse. Scofield had a chance to review the same evidence. Even though I was cleared of any wrong-doing, no subsequent article was written by Scofield sharing this with her readership. Nor has she edited or corrected any of the falsehoods in her blogs. She and her followers continue to repost her lies still. Her unethical behavior and her attack blog continues to negatively impact me and my colleagues. It is my sincere hope that speaking out about my experience will expose the truth about Scofield and save others from the being maligned and vilified falsely.

–TJ Bartel

TJ’s associate, Rima Bonario, provided more details. Here’s her account of her interaction with Be Scofield:

Ms. Scofield presents herself as a journalist who exposes “gurus,” but the two articles she has recently written, one of which has a reference to me, are full of misinformation. Including the statement that Tj Bartel is providing “Yoni massage” with my clients on an upcoming course (had she taken the time to review my website, she would have seen that Tj is providing only a 90-minute fully-clothed energy work session).

This just one of almost a dozen falsehoods she has written in her article about Tj Bartel and Source School of Tantra Yoga, in which I was also named.

As a result of her misinformation, I had to schedule conversations with several students to explain what was true and what was a lie. Furthermore, her article was shared on social media in an attempt to tarnish my reputation by association with Tj.

Dishonest from the beginning:

Be Scofield emailed Mr. Bartel off of his website on Sunday, October 14. I work with Mr. Bartel as his colleague and as part of his support team. Scofield sent an email asking for an interview or comment from his regarding an allegation made by Palki Mawar on Facebook. The email came from anonymous gmail account with the name “bumble honey,” from the address [email protected]. The author identified herself only as “Jamie.” I repeatedly asked for her full name and the name of her blog so that we could honor her request to set up an interview with Mr. Bartel. She refused to provide this information.

I let this author know that all of the documents concerning Palki Mawar, a practicing Dakini who took trainings at Source Tantra, would be made available to her to review if she simply provided her name and blog site. I let this author know that these documents included texts and emails from Ms. Mawar that show, in her own words, that she initiated the boundary violation in two of her four sessions that she is now complaining about. That she apologized to Mr. Bartel for doing this in her sessions (which took place long after her training). The correspondence show that Ms. Mawar paid Mr. Bartel for all four sessions from March through July 2017. This author could have seen the texts and emails in which Ms. Mawar repeatedly sought to make additional appointments with Mr. Bartel for months after the session in which she was supposedly abused. As well as the numerous emails and letter she wrote praising Tj, sharing how the healing was truly transformative for her, and professing her love for him, and inviting him to come to her temple for a session.

Ms. Mawar went to great expense and effort to register for and attended two expensive 10-day trainings where she would be in close proximity to Mr. Bartel after he allegedly abused her, including the one in Thailand. She also applied to and was not accepted to attend a third 10-day advanced energy training seminar in Maui with Mr. Bartel in March of 2018. But she was re-directed to start with a weekend workshop instead.

All of this was available for this author if she was willing to simply reveal her name and where she planned to publish. But she did not. She did not seek to properly investigate these claims — despite their seriousness. She did not represent herself honestly. If she had, she would have seen the evidence that shows that Ms. Mawar was a happy and satisfied client of Mr. Bartel’s, and only after seeing him with a girlfriend at the training event in Thailand in January of 2018, did she make any kind of complaint. In addition, this author would have known that Charles Muir and Leah Alchin Piper took her complaint seriously enough to have a long and detailed conversation with Ms. Mawar along with Mr. Bartel in Thailand — during which she admitted she could not recall who initiated the contact she was complaining about. During that conversation, Ms. Mawar was held with great compassion. Mr. Bartel apologized for and took responsibility for his part in not responding more firmly to her pushing of the boundaries. Ms. Mawar took responsibility for her part in initiating the breach in the session.

Three months later, during the time Mr. Bartel was teaching the workshop in Maui that Ms. Mawar had wanted to attend but was denied, she posted her complaint on Facebook. Mr. Bartel again reached out to her with great compassion, reminding her of the details and her text messages that confirmed it was she who initiated. They reconciled again. Ms. Mawar sent a letter to Charles Muir praising Mr. Bartel. She also sent two apologies by emails to Mr. Bartel which we were prepared to share with Scofield.

Ms. Mawar also posted a retraction on Facebook, but she was passionately encouraged to stick to her fabrications by Caroline Carrington and Heather Ray Dawn, two Dakinin’s who also made false claims in Scofield’s blog. She was encouraged to escalate her upset and she did just that. In her final email to Mr. Bartel, Ms. Mawar has asked him to pay her $30,000 and she will move on. Mr. Bartel refused to be extorted.

All of this, including information about other people quoted in the blog, and the misinformation they shared, was available to this author if she had just been willing to share her name and the name of her blog site. She did not.

This author has no interest in providing balanced views. Additional misinformation is found all through the article about Charles Muir and other teachers Scofield named. Scofield never once reached out for verification of any of the information she led readers to believe was vetted.

Journalists take the time to look critically at the sources they use and verify their credibility. Here is just one example of how lax she was in her reporting:

Here is what the article states:

“When Caroline Carrington received a yoni massage from Muir she says he violated her repeated requests to not touch her throat. She told him she was held at knifepoint and had serious trauma and somatic memory there. Not even her child or lovers are allowed to touch her throat she told him. She said that Charles’ response was “Oh, I’m absolutely going to touch your throat.” She said this to him three or four times but he said “no, we’re gonna do this.” In the end she relented. “In an hour Charles jumped on the four biggest traumas of my life. I was screaming throughout most of the session.” She said she lost her voice on and off for a whole year after the session. She contacted Charles and Leah and couldn’t get support. “I’m losing my voice every single week, what should I do?”

This is what Caroline posted in 2013 on Facebook referencing the same event…

“Powerful session demoing sacred spot with Charles Muir yesterday at CTE. So delighted that I intentionally called that in! I was honored to be on the receiving end of his masterful touch. Loved learning from his pointed intake conversation as he landed expertly on all my triggers. Finding my edge as he shared my past with the class and then diving in bravely, held by his presence, as he released old trauma and healed up so much pain. Some of the most profound moments came when he sucked out old trauma stuck in my neck, a place I can normal not be touched. Secondly, when he allowed me to release anger at my father and a man who had attacked me many years before in Cambodia creating safe space for me to sound my NO! Lastly, honoring me by calling me Dakini and apologizing for the pain and betrayal I had experienced from Dan. Profound healing on so many levels and we’re only 2.5 days in. Loving the powerful healing modality of Tantra and looking forward to what will unfold ….”

Can one offer consent and then revoke it years later? Why would Caroline Carrington change her story so completely? It is hard to know for sure. She claims that after the session she was “high” and therefore didn’t know she had been abused. However, it may have more to do with the fact that her application for the advanced training in CTE3 was rejected. She was not invited to participate because she has shown herself to be combative in class and prone to creating drama.

Again, all of this was knowable if Scofield had been what she claims to be, an investigative journalist. But she seems only to be in it for the sensationalism and promotion of herself and the fabricated narrative she creates in her fantasy reality. Facts matter.

—Rima Bonario

After Scofield published a blistering article about Padma Aon Prakasha on medium.com, a site from which she was later banned, that spiritual teacher published the following response, which is still on medium.com. Links to Scofield’s articles originally published on that site have been removed from this response, because those articles no longer appear there. The rest of the language is verbatim from Padma Aon Prakasha’s response.

A response to nonsense

I write this only after sharing a public invitation on FaceBook to my ex wife, my ex girlfriend and Be Scofield about an article called ‘The New Predator: Spiritual Teacher Padma Aon Prakasha’ to engage in an open-to-the-public transparent dialogue about their accusations. Two other independent people who knew the parties involved, and the previous closeness and ‘love’ we shared, also offered this opportunity for public dialogue. After receiving no response from them, I wrote this below.

Be Scofield spoke to me on FB Phone for 2.5 hours, asking for my view of the events she has subsequently written about. Not one single word of what I said was included in her article. Not one. She was not there at a single one of these events that she wrote about. Yet she writes about it like it was fact. Curious.

I spoke to her specifically about each and every one of the issues she wrote about, and I answered every single one of her many questions, sent her materials she requested on email, and was 100% co-operative. She said she would write a balanced article to me, directly on the phone. She lied.

I wish I could bring this to court, as I Am 100% confident that all these allegations would be cleared, yet i cannot financially afford to. So we are in a situation where anyone can say anything about anyone else and get away with it, as i have realised after speaking with lawyers, attorneys and Internet experts. This is why neutral judges and juries were created: to get a clear picture and to uphold the law.

Upon further factual research on the writer of this sensationalised and false article, i discovered Be Scofield has a definite and open agenda and some negative world views based on a series of traumas she has experienced, as she has confessed to, and as reported in an article by Alexander Vera on medium.com that investigates her motives, views and personal history.

It is said: ‘Her report reads less like a legitimate exposé, and more like a hatchet job stemming from a personal vendetta. Scofield makes it abundantly clear that she is either unable to grasp basic spiritual concepts like positive thinking, or she is covertly playing dumb for the sole purpose of twisting (name removed) teachings into something malicious and dangerous for her audience’s enjoyment, as if seen through the eyes of a highly paranoid spiritual newcomer. And we’re talking really basic spiritual concepts here. Things like positive thinking and spiritual awakening seem to be completely lost on her. Which is why I’m not entirely convinced that her naiveté is genuine.

Scofield is the founder of “Decolonizing Yoga,” a website that attempts to demonstrate how practices of yoga, mindfulness, and spiritual awakening can contribute to worldwide oppression, inequality, racism, and injustice. Talk about pessimism. That is the most negative interpretation of modern spirituality that I’ve ever heard, and Scofield must have endured some pretty bad yoga classes to launch an all-out assault on every modern-day spiritual practice.

On her website, she posts articles from various authors with titles like “Please Don’t Tell me I’m in a Safe Space,” where the author argues that yoga teachers, therapists, and spiritual teachers are disempowering their students when they use the phrase “you’re in a safe space,” because it causes her to panic. She goes on to argue that yoga studios make her feel vulnerable, which threatens her sense of safety and security. She writes: “Whenever I’ve been told, as a survivor of trauma, that I’m in a safe place, my body tenses and my palms get sweaty. My entire visceral being longs to cry out, “Please don’t tell me what I should or shouldn’t be feeling.”

She then suggests that yoga studios avoid using the word “relax” because many abusers use this command to get people to comply. While my heart goes out to any and all victims of trauma, this is highly paranoid and negatively oriented stuff, and there is obviously an extreme bias here. It should be no surprise to anyone that Scofield singles out a spiritual organization and a teacher of awakening as a target for her exposé given her unfortunate bias and personal history.

Scofield admits to having a carefully planned agenda to take down a spiritual leader well before researching her target. She publicly and openly admits her plan to take down X regardless of what she might uncover, and well before infiltrating the group. This is akin to a movie reviewer writing a negative review before even getting to the theater, then finding a way to make the movie fit the pre-written review, instead of the other way around. Scofield’s prejudice was obvious, her logic was flawed, and her tactics unethical.’’

In Vera’s expose of Be Scofield, the tactics, lies, judgments, half-truths and spins on events that happened have also been used in exactly the same way on other spiritual teachers. For Vera’s full expose of Be Scofield and her motives, read:


The article ‘Spiritual Teacher Padma Aon Prakasha accused of abuse’ was instigated by my ex wife Julie Cuddihy aka Anaiya Sophia, who personally writes at the end of the article. She invited Be Scofield to write this piece, furnishing her with our personal photos and her own take on events that happened 9 years ago after our divorce. This article ‘Spiritual Teacher Padma Aon Prakasha accused of abuse’ came shortly after Anaiya Sophia reached an out of court LEGAL settlement with me in 2016 ( shortly after which she began a series of online attacks against me) for her blatant theft of my work.

This involved her stealing 7 Online Courses from me, copying and pasting 4 of my books, and passing it off as her own to thousands of her ‘’students.’’ Her reputation and income was based on my work. She then lied about this consistently until i confronted her with the 125 pages of evidence she had plagiarised. She had to publically apologise on Facebook and her website to me for her theft, and pay me 10,000GBP for her theft.This is all public record on FB, and of course the signed legal agreement is also there as solid and real evidence.


The dramatic fiction Be Scofield uses to headline and sensationalise her puff piece implying I had non consensual sex, is actually from my ex girlfriend called Kelsea Broe/ Shanaia Rai, whom I was with totally consensually for 13 months before I left her. She was never my student.

Our fourth meeting, sensationalised by Be Scofield as some kind of ‘abuse’, involved us kissing in bed, totally consensually. Nothing else. I never sexually abused her, and I have never had non consensual sex with any woman. I Am happy to go to court to prove this.

This false vengeful allegation could be disproved in 5 minutes in a court of law as I have many skype and email conversations to prove this. Kelsea was hurt about me leaving her, as she confessed to me on email. It broke her heart. I Am hurt and saddened that the truth of an intimate relating became so twisted and falsified because of this.

The curious thing is that she is now blatantly using my work in her ‘teachings,’ (after signing an NDA promising to not use it) and passing my work off as her own, making good money off it, and creating a reputation for herself as a helpful teacher, based on my work! This is what my other ex, Anaiya Sophia, has also done.

After observing this situation, there are solutions to bring this lowest common denominator way of relating into a new paradigm:

1.Some wrongdoing may have occurred that needs addressing in open and non violent communication to bring restorative justice and positive redressal, rather than the ‘biblical’ vengeance and punishment wanted by the masses. With a neutral mediator involved, and a face-to-face, open dialogue, a conscious communication between all parties allows for deeper truths to be revealed. I bring all of this into the way of the new paradigm, which seeks conflict resolution, and to heal trauma through deep understanding rather than the ‘either/or’ polarising of the old paradigm. Conscious communication seeks ‘and/both’, and is the opening to a new paradigm based on love, not fear.

2.There is a victim-persecutor-messiah complex. Someone has to play a victim, someone has to play the persecutor and someone has to play the rescuer-messiah. Each role depends on the other, and each person playing each role is in some way playing the other roles too. This is a psychological model many people play.

3.There is a popularity boost to the one doing the denouncing. This leads to a boost to fan following and subsequent financial gain through the dopamine fame-attention ‘hit’ that makes the one denouncing feel good about themselves. Living for this ‘hit’ characterises social media, and the FaceBook ‘like’ button has been invented to do this. One literally rides on the back of another to boost themselves by putting another down, which is the lowest form of power. There is also a revenge-unexpressed resentment element from the one doing the denouncing –to get their own back.

4.There are 3 sides to every story. All 3 need to be heard for any truth to happen. If not, there will always be assumptions, half truths, judgements, lies and spins on the ‘truths’ presented. It is increasingly easy for anyone to do this using the soapbox of social media.

5.The nature of the collective consciousness is still wired to respond to and support hate, fear, revenge, conflict and other of the lowest common denominators as a form of entertainment. It is also a way for them to vent themselves, by projecting onto and using another to do so. Hate posts on social media are often the most popular. This breeds a bandwagon mob mentality.

6.Sophistry, demagogues and the manipulation of mass consciousness. ‘For Greeks in the ancient Athenian city state (the basis of modern day western society) mob rule was the politics of the crowd. It was devoid of reason. It was fickle, impetuous, ignorant, irresponsible, and easily manipulable by the rhetoric of sophists and demagogues who used rank flattery of base passions and fears to move public opinion whichever way they wished. By the early 20th century, technology (electronic speakers to amplify voices at massive public rallies, radio, film, television) had enabled the old defects of democracy to resurface on a vastly larger scale. In our own time, 24/7 partisan news and social media (especially Twitter) take the capacity for mass public manipulation to levels unthinkable in past ages.’ (Damon Linker at TheWeek.com.)

The rule of the mob is now dominating the general media and social media. The mob always bays for justice. Their justice is revenge based on rumour. In the old days, a rumour would spread, similar to the Inquisition and Witch Burnings of the past. A group of enflamed, enraged people would gather at the accuseds house, drag them out, beat them, and either kill them or take them to a kangaroo court, where they would be sentenced and killed. All in a matter of hours.

This is now repeating again through the vehicle of social media, a vehicle that allows anyone to express whatever wounds, fears and hate they have, justify it, and then multiply it quickly. This leads to an ever burgeoning food source for themselves and others. This phenomenon is increasing as people look for a sense of justice for themselves in what they perceive to be injustice. The blind truly are leading the blind in todays modern world.

Law and Justice were taken out of the hands of the mob thousands of years ago, because wise humans understood the base nature of the human collective. Courts of impartial people were created to hear both sides of a story and deliberate on the truth and actual factual evidence presented around this.

In today’s world, the mob is court, jury and executioner all-in-one, within a matter of hours. It doesn’t matter about the truth anymore. It doesn’t matter about both sides of a story. (as anyone in an intimate relating knows, things resolve when both sides of a story are heard-both people hear each other.)

The new way to enact mob rule is from your own home: the keyboard warrior. This means you dont have to question anything, don’t have to use any discernment, curiosity or self inquiry or use your mind clearly and rationally, and you don’t need to check facts or speak to people involved. There is zero accountability, and this harms people. Almost anything people say is blithely accepted as fact by those who hold a similar wound and resonance to the attacker.

This article ‘Spiritual Teacher Padma Aon Prakasha accused of abuse’ was spread and orchestrated by 3 people, and black hat ( illegal and immoral) internet techniques were used. My whole facebook database was used by Be Scofield to send them messages about her article promoting her, which a lot of people commented to me was intrusive as they were not even friends with Be Scofield. Threatening messages were sent by a group of her associates to thousands of people saying ‘’if you are not for us, you are against us’ trying to scare people into ‘taking a side.’ There are many other instances of this fear based, black hat, manipulation of people including harassment and cyber bullying. This was reported to me by a number of people.

I guess this is a sign of the times we live in, and i trust that those with clear minds and hearts can see through vengeance posing as ‘journalism.’

I thank my friends and those who know me personally for acknowledging me and supporting me in these times. Anyone who knows me knows i did not do most of these things in the article. That is all i can say.

Thank you for listening.

Padma Aon Prakasha

Here is an online commentary from an individual whose information was twisted by Be Scofield for her own purposes for the article on Padma Aon Prakasha. This commentary was posted on https://divinetruthvan.wordpress.com/2018/04/08/my-comments-about-be-scofield-article-the-new-predator-spiritual-teacher-padma-aon-prakasha-accused-of-abuse/.

Journalist Be Scofield has just written a few days ago an article, entitled , “The New Predator: Spiritual Teacher Padma Aon Prakasha Accused of Abuse”. Here is what I feel about it.

I do not support this article and did not give permission for Be Scofield to use parts of my testimony in it.

It is a radically sensationalized article with absolutely no care or love shown to any of the victims or Padma himself. It is an article of grandiose attack of Padma, full of unhealed anger and resentment, turning Padma into the evil man and a cult to fear, and all people testifying as just ‘poor victims’. It does not explain anything real about the ‘why’ it happened, and that the victims were often open to, and willing to stay in an abusive relationship, and attracted it in some way. It is just another article feeding the public terror of abusive and violent male cult leaders.

While the quotes in the article are truths that were shared by the victims, and I am not disputing the articles factual information, I feel the article’s intention is to glorify another cult story and attempting to pull Padma down and seek out ‘justice’, which is just guised as revenge.

I had a conversation with Be Scofield just after the article’s publication. I asked her how she could have used parts of my testimony without my permission, and she told me that a journalist can use any piece of writing that has been already made public. Whilst I do not know whether it is true or not, there was a disclaimer in the introduction of the FB public page with my and others testimonies: “No part of these testimonials may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, without the prior written permission of the person testifying”, and I feel it is completely immoral and unethical for a journalist to exploit such sensitive information without any regard for the individual’s involved.

Nothing healing can come out of an article like this. It is a mixture of dark, satanic, alien nonsense which takes away from the loving intention that many of us came out publicly for. I avoided this type of article coming forth, by not participating with journalists who we felt lacked integrity, but I cannot and do not want to control what others choose to do with their free will.

The writer then included a link to Scofield’s article, which existed on medium.com before Scofield was banned from that site.

Alex Vartman, another of Scofield’s victims, posted a video on YouTube in which he criticized Scofield’s tactics:

It is a dangerous time to be a workshop leader or involved with Tantra. Be Schofield wrote a very negative article on us, we had that removed from medium.com because it was so completely one-sided. She’s systematically going through like 20 organizations trying to get them removed.

I mean how you know reliable is that? Apparently she was informed to go after TNT (Alex Vartman’s former organization “The New Tantra”) because her astrologer told her so. I mean, where does this end?

Scofield enlists her enthusiastic supporters to go after her targets and then chortles about her successes in damaging her victims. She and several her followers wrote email messages to various organizations, urging them to cancel events and break ties with Massaro. Nearly every one of the email messages called Massaro a “cult leader” and included a link to Scofield’s article about him. Here is one of her self-congratulatory Facebook postings about the article on Bentinho Massaro that launched her “cult hunter” career:

It’s interesting that in Scofield’s article “SPOILED: Inside Alexander Fred’s Plot to Destroy Cult Reporter Be Scofield,” she accuses Alexander Fred of using the same tactics she employs: multiple websites, multiple invented identities, and cyberstalking. Even more interesting is that although she accuses Alexander Fred of being Alexander Vera, the medium.com site continues to carry Vera’s “Cult Mania” article about her after Scofield herself was banned from the site for copyright violations and unsubstantiated claims. She continues to post links everywhere to her banned articles, which now appear on her own gurumag.com and bescofield.com websites.

After a post on Culture-or-cult.com by Robert B. that described her as recruiting followers for a hate group (“Be Scofield: The Chosen One” https://culture-or-cult.com/index.php/2019/09/18/be-scofield-hate-group/), Scofield wrote a threatening email, which was then posted on the website (https://culture-or-cult.com/index.php/2019/08/01/statement-concerning-email-be-scofield/):

I will unmask anyone involved in this site and it will haunt each of you forever, and making it publicly known the people who have written for this site. You have declared war–lifelong war. You think you can hide behind all this but you can’t. Your identities will be unmasked and put into the world. Jobs and money will be lost. Your reputations will be publicly ruined! You will be found and you and your families will lose a ton of money.

Culture-or-Cult.com posts this as their mission statement:

These are the stories of just a few of Scofield’s victims. There are many who have similar accounts, but simply hope that Scofield will go away without having to interact with her again.

Scofield immediately reacts to anyone challenging her, usually retaliating with email threats and gossipy articles posted on her various websites.

On her websites, Be Scofield claims to have the degree of “Master of Divinity from Starr King School for the Ministry in the Unitarian Universalist tradition,” which makes her actions even more questionable, because as well as violating all the principles of professional journalism, she also regularly violates the principles of Unitarian Universalism. Unitarians welcome people who come from all faiths, and including atheists and agnostics. The seven principles of Unitarian Universalist beliefs are:

  1. The inherent worth and dignity of every person;
  2. Justice, equity and compassion in human relations;
  3. Acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations;
  4. A free and responsible search for truth and meaning;
  5. The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large;
  6. The goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all;
  7. Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.

When our investigator was “outed” by someone she had contacted within the Unitarian Universalist organization, Be Scofield immediately posted about that on her website, gurumag.com, and her Facebook page, and sent this threatening email to the investigator:

Hey Molly,

Last week I publicly exposed you as working for Aaravindha to try and ruin me. Your efforts go directly against UU principles as they protect dangerous cult leaders in an attempt to shut me down. I’ve emailed numerous colleagues of yours including the staff and minister at your UU church. I’ve informed many others that you are endangering the safety of a prominent transgender social activist and that your efforts will enable sexual abuse, cults, and other dangerous abuses. I’ve told many within UU structures that you are abusing your position of institutional authority as a long-time member and former UUA executive committee member. If anything happens to me you are responsible. These cult leaders are dangerous and want to attack or kill me. It will be publicly known that you were responsible for aiding them.

This is typical of Scofield’s responses to any attempt to correct her unsubstantiated claims. She deletes any critical messages and bans those who posted them from her websites and Facebook pages. Scofield often claims to be in physical danger, portraying herself as a heroic victim. This is a common behavior of a narcissist, as you will see in the next section.

Is it any wonder that so many people our investigator spoke with refused to let us use their names? Scofield doesn’t hesitate to write defamatory innuendo about anyone, and nobody wants to be her next victim.


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