12. Reactions to Be Scofield’s Malicious Article

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Reactions to Be Scofield’s Malicious Article

Multiple parties were outraged when Be Scofield published her malicious article on her own website, gurumag.com, and advertised it repeatedly on her Facebook page. Even Carla’s daughter Lyria was shocked, and told our investigator that after she protested on Scofield’s Facebook page about all the erroneous information in the article, Scofield blocked her from the site.

Somehow, Lyria had been led to believe that Be Scofield was a professional investigator and journalist. Lyria refuses to say who was involved in that deception. Why did Lyria welcome Scofield’s participation more than twelve years after her mother had been laid to rest and after she had complained to the sheriff’s department about Coquereau and Goodrich’s insistence on re-opening the case? She told our investigator that Scofield “seemed to be a possible avenue for answers.”

But Lyria also said that she quickly realized that Be Scofield was highly unprofessional and self-aggrandizing and called Scofield’s gurumag.com article “a compilation of gossip.” Lyria had urged Scofield not to publish the article, but Scofield was on a mission to publish another “juicy story,” and so of course she posted the unsubstantiated accusations on all her websites.

Lyria was also upset that a long letter criticizing the conspiracy theorists and defending the Briedises was sent to multiple parties on Orcas and then delivered to her. The only name on the letter was “Concerned Island Gal.” Lyria was especially distressed that it criticized her father, Jim Shaffer-Bauck, saying that Jim was likely the source of Scofield’s unfounded accusations, because Reed Goodrich, having moved to Ecuador, was “out of the picture.”

Goodrich and his wife, Susan Allred, may have already been in Ecuador at the time Scofield came to Orcas, but Goodrich was still determined to try and revive interest in the case. He was eager to share with Be Scofield when she contacted him, and sent her several of his documents that she copied whole sections from, with no attempt to verify any of Goodrich’s information.

Although Lyria was not pleased with Be Scofield’s article, seemingly she or someone else still wanted a professional journalist to look into her mother’s death, and they contacted Paul LaRosa of CBS, who looked into the possibility of putting the case on television. He or others at the network apparently decided against that, but he and Reed Goodrich were in contact, and LaRosa did publish an article on his own website, PaulLaRosa.com, entitled “A Mysterious Death in Paradise.” The article also appeared on medium.com, the site that banned Be Scofield years earlier, as well as other sites.

LaRosa’s research was apparently not thorough, however, because while calling everything about Carla Shaffer’s death “mysterious,” he failed to mention Carla’s long-term hepatitis C infection, her confinement in a mental hospital, and her repeated declarations that a supernatural, “less-dense” being had attacked her in a “struggle between Light and Dark.” All those facts were documented multiple times in the police reports, which LaRosa had requested and received. LaRosa was also in contact with Reed Goodrich, and his article repeats much of Goodrich’s “research” and conspiracy theories and contains many details that directly conflict with the official investigation records.

It’s disturbing that Paul LaRosa, who has credits as a professional journalist, opted for sensationalism instead of choosing to tell the complete story, but then, including all the facts about Carla’s psychotic breaks and institutionalization would have made Shaffer’s death seem much less “mysterious.” Like Be Scofield, LaRosa uses the word “reportedly” multiple times in his story, showing that he’s printing information he didn’t bother to verify. This is apparently the state of “news” we can expect these days.

LaRosa was politically astute enough, however, not to accuse anyone, because in Carla’s case, evidence of a crime simply did not exist. Aaravindha’s name does not appear in LaRosa’s article.

Of all the people Be Scofield mentioned in her article, David Lutz in particular was so incensed at being misquoted that, although he was in Arizona at the time, he went to the local police station and swore a notarized affidavit (shown below) to correct Scofield’s many misstatements.



County of Yavapai )


COMES NOW David Lutz, being first duly sworn, under oath, and states that the following is within his personal knowledge and belief:

Upon reading the article by Be Scofield in Gurumag entitled ‘Aaravindha Himadra and the Mysterious Orcas Island Death of Carla Jean Shaffer‘, I would like to clarify some gross misrepresentations and factual errors. It is clear several of my comments were placed out of context, misrepresented, and/or simply not what I said in my interview with Be.

1. Sambodha as a formal group was not in existence until after Carla’s death. Before that it was simply friends informally gathering occasionally. There was no ’membership’, or being ‘in’ the group of friends. There was no group structure then.

2. Article states: “Dave Lutz told me Carla had been in Sambodha for at least 3 years before her death and had several personal healing sessions with Aaravindha.”

(Clarification) I never said Carla ”joined” our group. She was not ”in” our group. She was simply friends with Aaravindha and Ashayrah, and several others who were involved with our friends. The faith she was devoted to was Baha’i.

The “meetings” I referred to were simply social gatherings; talks, birthdays, holidays, etc.

Aaravindha did not teach us meditation techniques at these gatherings, and Carla was not regularly at those gatherings. He teaches meditation now, but not then!

3. Article states: “Dave and Carla would meditate together both in their homes, and in Sambodha meetings.”

(Clarification) We did not meditate together at these social gatherings. When Carla and I meditated together in our homes, Carla was doing her Baha’l prayers, not Aaravindha taught meditations.

4. Article states: “And, like many group members, Carla adopted a new identity and name. It was Nahmine Attar.”

(Clarification) This name Carla adopted had nothing to do with Aaravindha or any of the rest of us—it was adopted from her Baha’i faith. He did not give her this name.

5. Article states: “Dave also said that Aaravindha had done several private, one- on-one spiritual healing and counseling sessions with Carla.”

(Clarification) To my knowledge, Aaravindha did not do any type of healing or counseling sessions with Carla. 1 was remembering that he had offered nutritional advice to her on occasion, principally vitamins to combat her liver disease.

6. Article states: “Current Sambodha teacher Dave Lutz told me that he never noticed Carla show any signs of mental illness…”

(Clarification) I actually told Be Scofield that Carla indeed had been getting more psychologically loopy towards the end.

Carla had also shared with me and other friends that she was in nearly a constant discomfort and nausea, and also severe fatigue from her disease. She also showed real signs of mental instability when Carla told numerous people, including her investigators; she was being attacked by other—dimensional less dense beings.

7. Article states: About Markus and Laura: “They had been occasional members of the Sambodha community„,”

(Clarification) Markus and Laura were active members of the general Orcas community. Markus was a trained EMT, but they were not official members of a Sambodha group because we had not yet established a Sambodha group on Orcas. There was no community structure to be a member of. They were simply all friends.

8. Article states: “Aaravindha said she was determined to take her life, that she failed the first time and she just walked into the water and let the water take her away.”

(Clarification) Aaravindha told me he intuitively felt this is what Carla did, not that he saw that. There’s a huge deception in Be Scofield’s insinuation here.


Sergeant Vierthaler, now retired, was in charge of the investigation into Carla Shaffer’s “attack” and subsequent death. In 2020, Vierthaler told our investigator:

Mental illness was our first guess and our conclusion after the crime lab reports came in. We treated the call as an assault initially. It didn’t help that the blood and evidence were cleaned up, but after the reports we concluded her injuries were self-inflicted. We were comfortable with what we found, what we concluded. There were no suspects’ because her wounds were self-inflicted. I heard the rumors that a being from another dimension came through somehow and caused this. I was the first officer on the scene. The paramedic pulled me aside and said, the wounds look to be self-inflicted. She appeared naked in in someone’s yard. Like I said, everyone, every professional came to the same conclusions.

I believe this case is an example of the failure or the mental health system. A lot of people slip through the cracks. It doesn’t work. She had issues and she needed help. She did not get that.

I know of more cases of people who committed suicide after not receiving mental health support. It’s just wrong.

Based on their reporting, Be Scofield and Paul LaRosa both appear to have culled most of their information from the conspiracy advocates. Several parties whom our firm interviewed told our investigator that Be Scofield (or “Jamie”) had called and left a phone message for them while she was on the island. But they all reported that when they called her back, she did not answer. Most island residents did not meet Scofield or even know she had been on Orcas until she published her defamatory blog post.

Those who did meet Be Scofield told the investigator that “she didn’t want to listen to anyone” and “she was completely self-absorbed.” That much is evident in her writings.

Carol McKinstry, Reed Goodrich’s ex-wife, told our investigator that she found it horrifying that someone could write an unsubstantiated article that was so damaging and caused so much grief. She said that Jil Briedis was a lovely person and that she was sorry that the Briedises had to endure all of the resulting problems.

Locket Goodrich, Reed’s nephew and a devout Baha’i like Carla, told our investigator that it was ironic that Carla’s death had produced so much gossip, because the Baha’i faith forbids gossiping and unseemly talk about others, and that such behaviors are as egregious as murder.

When asked if he had any reason to believe that Aaravindha had harmed Carla, Locket’s answer was a definite “Nope.” He further commented, “I was in shock when I learned about it. I remember feeling blindsided and saddened. I did not engage in the ‘dialogue’ that circulated. I went numb.”

When the investigator inquired about Reed Goodrich’s involvement, Locket said, “My crazy uncle? He had his own share of psychotic breaks. He is certainly an alarmist who buys into conspiracy theories.”

One resident knew Carla, Aaravindha, and Ashayrah. She told the investigator:

Aaravindha and Ashayrah were never involved with her passing.

I was very good friends with Carla. She was on her own trajectory. She was using her Rife machine. She had been working on healing her Hep C for years. I have no clue how she got it. Carla lived with me for two months in 2002 when she definitely couldn’t work. I remember Reed was volatile, and Carla had problems with him. I think she was going out with another guy, but I am not sure who.

When our investigator asked this resident (who requested that her name not appear in this report) if she knew who invited Be Scofield to the island, she mentioned a disgruntled student and another island resident as possibilities.

When asked for her opinion of Be Scofield’s article, this Orcas Island resident said:

The article? It is bullshit and not even close to the truth. I studied with Aaravindha. I was free to come and participate. There was no pressure on anything. I was okay to study on the outskirts or dive in. It all depended on what you wanted to do.

I stopped the teacher path, and took a break. I am still friends with everyone, I was having a hard time. I kept meditating but just following myself. Aaravindha and Ashayrah offered their help. They did the opposite of trying to stop me, they were just beauty and love and offered to help in any way they could.  They are two amazing people who offer tools for people to be more aware and whole and they just want to help people. They bend over backwards to help people.

I’ve known them since 1994. Friends talked to me about them. I never went to the seminars in Germany, only the US.

Our investigator asked if she’d ever heard them use the expression “The Children of the Light.” She replied:

I never heard that. I don’t know what she was talking about, it makes no sense. Probably saw that somewhere else. People on the outside don’t understand. Carla had hardly been involved with Sambodha.

As previously noted in this report, the organization known as Sambodha did not exist until after Carla’s death.

Deborah Martyn, an Orcas resident and friend and neighbor of Carla Shaffer, described her reaction to Be Scofield’s article:

I was horrified! From a personal standard, I was outraged. Because it was so untrue. She just made up stories. On the Monday before the article was posted, I got a call on my answering machine. No last name just, ‘This is Be, I am writing an article about Carla Schaffer, please call me back.’ I did not call. Two days later I got an ultimatum call saying, ‘This is Be Scofield and this is your last chance to call me back to be included.’ I knew then from others that she had called that they were concerned about her. That afternoon I tried to call back, but her inbox was full, and I could not get through. Two days later the article was published.

She (Scofield) had no intent to include anything truthful. She was just doing her thing. Many people, including me, left negative comments on her Facebook page. I don’t know if Facebook or Be did it, but the page got taken off. I wrote her a very long response that acknowledged there were people in the industry who are abusive, but that she was way off base with this. The healing needed to happen in the family and the community, and Scofield undermined that. I got no response from her. This was not professional or ethically done. It was sensationalizing.

When contacted and asked for his opinion of Be Scofield’s article, SJCSO Detective Clever, who had written many of the police reports, said, “It was a bunch of crap. There are no cults on the island. You can’t hide anything here, can’t keep secrets. The only mistakes that were made, is from the mental health people. She should never have been cut loose. That was the problem.”

Renee Davis worked occasionally as the Briedises’ house- and dog-sitter. Davis told our investigator that she knew Carla right before the stabbing. She explained that she had formed a friendship with Carla after Carla catered an event at the Briedises’ house in 2004, and Davis liked her. She described Carla as artistic, elegant and graceful. Davis provided the following description of her relationships with Carla, Ashayrah, and Aaravindha, and her reaction to Be Scofield’s scorching article:

I met Ashayrah and Aaravindha in 2000. The Himadras [aka the Briedises] often hired me to house- and dog-sit during their teaching stints in Europe. I was caring for their dogs and taking care of their house during the extreme wounding incident of Carla. My home base was in Portland, Oregon. So, I wasn’t a resident of Orcas Island and wasn’t well acquainted with Carla. In December of 2005, I ran into her in town and invited Carla to lunch one or two weeks before her wounding incident.

An important thing I learned at the time of our lunch date was that she had just bought a Rife Machine. She said the instruction manual had a protocol for certain diseases along with a recommended time use. Carla had Hep C and she told me she was channeling her own frequency protocol and using the machine for many hours at a time, rather than sticking to the use instruction guidelines. I thought at the time that it was dangerous to use the machine for such long periods of time and to make up her own protocol, believing this kind of exposure to a body’s electromagnetic field seemed dangerous.

I have a unique perspective. My mother had severe mental health issues and Carla reminded me of how my mother would talk when she was at the height of her mental illness; especially the part when she was telling me about her Rife machine, and how she was channeling her own frequencies and using it for hours and hours every day. I know Hep C can cause hallucinations When she was telling me all this, I got this flashback of my mother. How I used to have to talk to her. I knew the look, that, “Are you believing me?” look.

After Carla’s death, I heard that Goodrich and Jim Shaffer were spreading the rumor that Aaravindha had encouraged Carla to buy and use this machine. But this cannot be true as in the many years I have studied from Aaravindha, I have only known him to emphatically steer people away from therapies that interfere with the body’s natural energetic electric system. After Carla died I came to learn that at the time of her death, she still was suffering from the Hep C disease. I strongly believe her extreme misuse of the Rife machine, combined with the toxic effects of her sceptic liver due to the hepatitis, contributed to her mental instability leading up to the wounding incident where she claimed to have been attacked by “less dense beings.”

I feel that Aaravindha was wrongly represented in Scofield’s article, and I believe her reporting tactics were unethical. First and foremost, I find it unethical and reprehensible that she used the tragedy of Carla Schaffer’s death, which was legally investigated with no suspicion or indications of foul play, to recreate a sick history that has no bearing on reality, seemingly with the sole intent to ruin the reputation of Aaravindha Himadra. The article claims murder and rape when there was no evidence of either. Scofield tried to create crimes that didn’t happen. It also claims that there was an effort to trap Carla in some sort of a cult group. It’s important to understand that there was no organized community, or established group, on Orcas Island at that time. The idea that Aaravindha wouldn’t allow Carla to leave his supposed ‘cult’, when there was literally no group for her to join, or to leave for that matter, makes that all preposterous.

To me, calling Aaravindha a leader of a cult implies that he preys on gullible and weak-minded people in an attempt to take control of their personal power, finances and their life. I have repeatedly witnessed that Aaravindha has no interest in taking people’s power. Rather, he helps empower people to elevate their consciousness and ability to discern truth for their own self-realization. He offers courses in meditation and life improvement techniques. A student is not coerced to take any of Aaravindha’s seminars. They either choose to take the courses, or they choose not to.

I discovered that Scofield trespassed on Aaravindha’s property when they were away in Europe. It was creepy and disturbing for Scofield to trespass on the Himadras’ private property when they were away in Europe during her visit to the island. She even told them in her phone interview that she had walked around their home and property. I found this to be very invasive.

I would guess that Aaravindha’s Immortal Self book’s success undoubtedly makes him a public figure as a spiritual leader worldwide. As Scofield has openly made it her life’s mission to destroy people who are leaders in spiritual consciousness raising. This makes Aaravindha a natural target. But connecting this old murder conspiracy theory waves all sorts of red flags towards Reed Goodrich and Jim Schaffer.

Quite a while after Carla died, in 2006, I was at the very first seminar on Orcas at the Rosario resort that Aaravindha offered in the US. I had just been hired as his private assistant. During that seminar Reed and a small group of people had taken Aaravindha’s flyer with his picture on it and photoshopped a “Wanted for the murder of Carla Schaffer!” poster that they plastered all over the island. It came out shortly after (through a number of different word-of-mouth sources) that Reed was the leader of this conspiracy smear campaign. It was a long time ago. I went to the police station with the Himadras regarding the posters. I THINK the sheriff mentioned he thought Reed was behind the posters…but it’s been a long time.

I know for an absolute fact that the Himadras were out of country at the time Carla was wounded, because I was housesitting for them during this time.

I know the Himadras very well. They are some of the best and most evolved people I have ever had the good fortune to meet. They are unerringly generous and kind, completely devoted to non-harming and elevating consciousness for the betterment of humankind and the planet. This may seem lofty or bold, but it is the absolute truth. I have worked closely in the Himadras’ private home for six years. And I have considered them to be dear friends and extraordinary teachers who have helped me (through meditation and life-skill practices) to rid myself of a social fear that caused me a great deal of personal suffering and kept me from living my life fully and authentically in the presence of others. I am completely free now of this fear-based pattern thanks to the Himadras’ important work.

Sonjan Chris McCombs wanted the following testimonial included in this report:

I have known Aaravindha for 20 years. He is everything you would hope to meet in a friend and mentor. Twenty years is long enough to get to know someone—watch them traverse challenges, deal with disappointments, navigate their life and give their gift.

Ashayrah is the closest thing to a living angel that I have ever seen—love, integrity, honesty, sincerity, service to others—that’s an impressive combination. What a remarkable blessing to the world they are—a luminous couple living the truth

Aaravindha represents the finest attributes of a human being. He is honest, sincere, loving, authentic, giving and wise beyond wise. He is a giver—not a taker. His integrity is impeccable. I stand by him 100%. I would stake everything on him—even my life—because he is completely trustworthy. He is as pure as humans get—a brave lion with heart.

I have come to this through 20 years of watching Aaravindha interact with people, how he uplifts others, how he supports people, how he tells the truth.  He never tears people down—he always lifts them up. These are remarkable traits for any human in our time—he should be honored among men.

Why someone would want to attack such a man is beyond me. This couple embodies everything virtuous. Our world is not always happy with the truth or the virtuous, though—too disrupting to the status quo. Negativity and darkness abide here and seek to tear down the righteous.

My testimony is this—Aaravindha is a real, authentic person with an open heart and a profound grasp of life. I have never seen him take advantage of anybody. In fact, he uplifts people into their best selves. He chooses the high road, over and over and over. I have seen it. I have witnessed it. I have been the beneficiary of it.  He has changed my life for the better. I am honored to call him my friend.

For those fortunate enough to meet him, he will likely uplift your life. If you are moved to investigate his teaching, it will transform your life. I say this through personal experience. I have lived the process, felt the warmth and the love, seen the transformed lives, and I am the beneficiary.  He is the real deal, the person you’ve been hoping to meet.

Aaravindha opened doors I had only read about, showed me the access direct points, held my hand, counseled me even when I didn’t listen. His grasp of the sacred seems inexhaustible.  He teaches through friendship and I have been the beneficiary—his friend. It has been the most remarkable process, beyond expectations, beyond my hopes for a transformed life.  He opened the door. I walked through. Thank you!

I have meditated for 50 years and I can say—Aaravindha stands in a league of his own—the depth of the knowledge, the wisdom, the love. What more can I say? If you ever have the chance to work with him, I consider you graced.  If you are fortunate enough to meet an authentic teacher and wise enough to stick with it, your life will transform. Wisdom and love will blossom. Between the two your life will flourish.  I had the fortune to meet such a teacher—Aaravindha Himadra.

Carla: I lived on Orcas for over 20 years. I knew Carla personally, her ex-husband Jim and her ex-lover Reed Goodrich.  Carla came to a few of my classes in 2003, but my house was new and Carla struggled with chemical sensitivity and the off gassing was too much for her system.  She sat by the open window for the fresh air. She hired my electrical company to make repairs to her house that would help her battle with her hepatitis illness.

Carla was a good person and was part of the community. We weren’t close, but we were friends. She was clearly having a very hard time with life circumstances.  She had a rife frequency generator machine she was using to help regain her health.  I was on island when the tragedy of her death happened and I was on island when the posters went up in early 2006. Aaravindha was doing a seminar at Rosaria that weekend. I went in to town for lunch and saw the fresh poster up on the wall in the post office. Whoever put them up was clearly disturbed—you could tell from the language, the accusations, the whole tenor of the poster.

When you accuse someone of murder, you better have your evidence. Of course—there was no evidence. These were the same tactics used by the Spanish Inquisition that made it so dark and dangerous—unfounded allegations with no evidence placed in the public square fanning the flames of hate and mob action.

Reed always seemed disturbed to me. Something was off with him.  He worked in the trades so we would occasionally end up on job sites together. He was a low vibration guy.  We were not friends and I avoided him.

Orcas is a peaceful place; we don’t have murders—maybe one every 50 years—and those are usually domestic. If anyone had a motive to hurt Carla, my personal guess would be Reed.

River, the General Manager of the Doe Bay Resort, about 10 miles away from Eastsound on the eastern tip of Orcas Island, told our investigator that he used to manage the Indralaya Center, a retreat center on the island. He arrived on Orcas after Carla’s death in 2006. He said he had never heard the expression “Children of the Light.” When asked if he read Be Scofield’s inflammatory article, he responded:

I didn’t read the whole thing. I was shocked. Her account was different from what I thought it was. I used to run a study group at Indralaya. Several participants liked Aaravindha’s teachings. They were interested in many different teachings and groups. I got no indication of any intrigue from them. I had no suspicions of wrongdoing. The source of the article was not super credible. I did not make much of it.

Diane Craig, the office manager of the Islands’ Sounder newspaper office on Orcas, said:

I have never heard the expression “Children of the Light” on Orcas. I have been here for two years. I was in the office when Be Scofield came in. I was new, just started in May 2018. I know Colleen (the publisher) sent her packing. She [Scofield] had no freakin’ idea what she was talking about. My impressions? Scofield was pushy, belligerent, authoritative, wore a conspiratorial air about her, saying everyone is out to keep secret. She was accusatorial, asking, “Why didn’t the Sounder investigate?” She was arrogant.

I read the article, and decided to look her up. It seems ‘this’ is what she does. I am not saying there aren’t peculiar cults out there, we are living in those times. I have been around the block countless times and my sense of her was ‘trouble’. She was looking for stuff that is not always there. My reaction? Yellow journalism. I used to work for one of the best newspapers in the country, the Tampa Bay Times. I learned what makes for good investigative journalism. It is based on facts. This was not journalism, but a full-blown opinion piece.

When our investigator questioned the county prosecutor, Randall Gaylord, about his reaction to Scofield’s article, Gaylord said:

I found Be Scofield to be naive about criminal justice. Scofield was confident that a rogue style of investigation would obtain proof of wrongdoing and cause the sheriff to re-open the investigation.

It did not. In the end, all she did was poke at old wounds. Many people had moved on in the past 15 years. It was not easy for them to have this topic revisited upon them.

There can be no doubt that what happened in December 2005 defied ordinary thinking about how people act. For those without a background in mental health, it was mysterious. Scofield’s inquiry allowed me to again read over the investigative reports. I conclude that every effort was made to provide Carla Shaffer with the opportunity to describe an attacker. She did not. Thereafter, with court oversight, she was released. Courts are not perfect, but what happened was fair and right.

There can be no doubt that what happened in January 2006 was also mysterious. I then reviewed the police investigation reports and coroner’s file. What is left unexplained is how Carla Shaffer got into the pond. Sometimes death occurs in ways that are contrary to ordinary thinking- a paradox.

As prosecutor I was looking for ways that another person may have been involved, but I found none.

My conclusion is:  My hope is that for the sake of Carla’s family – and that by that I mean her extended family and friends – will find peace with who Carla was in life and how she died.

Brian Shaffer, Carla’s brother and a renowned surgeon, told our investigator:

My sister (Carla) lived in another world. She was into Eastern Medicine and when I talked with her, she would refer to the “energy in my liver.” I am a western medicine surgeon. There may be something to all this, and I was always supportive. Carla enjoyed talking to me. Her world closed off for her as she got older becoming sensitive to more things which fueled her final events. I agree completely with the police reports. Her wounds were self-inflicted. I believe it. Even my sister (Carla) told the police as such. Carla said she felt the pressure of demons. She believed in demons and other supernatural beings.

There were no demons. Carla told the police herself, “I was the other power demon.” As far as I am concerned there is only one viable explanation: a psychotic break. I shared the story with a colleague, a psychologist who drew the same conclusion.

I do not believe Carla intended to commit suicide. She had a psychotic break, then was institutionalized, came back and had another psychotic break. She ended up in a pond as a result of hypothermia, and her death was a side effect of that. When psychotic people are in prison or institutionalized, they can get re-grounded for a while. Once released, they can quickly lose that grounding. The police were kind not to call it a suicide by calling it accidental.

Brian Shaffer hadn’t read Scofield’s entire article, but when he was told about it by our investigator, he said:

I don’t personally think anyone else was involved. The idea that Yanis Briedis was involved is the stupidest friggin’ thing I have ever heard. The guy is a fine person. I cannot imagine why anyone would think he had anything to do with this.

I appreciate the time he gave to my family. He is an upright guy. This is bullshit. I have no idea why anyone would want to harm him. This person (Be Scofield) is an A-Number-1 troll.


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