Is Be Scofield Qualified to Assess the Legitimacy of a Leader?

In “Cult Mania: Inside the Attack on Bentinho Massaro: Part 1,” author Alexander Vera turns a critical eye to an article by Be Scofield, who claims to have successfully “infiltrated” the Arizona-based spiritual movement led by Bentinho Massaro. The author first notes that Massaro is unusually popular for a guru of his age and visibility; he has thousands of followers and a far smaller number of vocal detractors. He further argues that Scofield’s article about Massaro contains key exaggerations and mistruths while asserting that Scofield may not be qualified to assess the legitimacy of a leader like Massaro. The article concludes with a lengthy comparison of Scofield’s narrative with the author’s own experience, drawing contrasts that, according to the author, call Scofield’s credibility into question.

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