Be Scofield: The Opposite Effect

Response to Rumours and Allegations about Mooji, the Sangha and Monte Sahaja Ashram in Portugal, is a response to Be Scofield’s defamatory article about the spiritual teacher, Mooji. Written by his team, it opens by thanking readers for the outpouring of support since Scofield published the article. The team goes on to describe the assertions in Scofield’s article as “lies and slander…a deliberate attempt to discredit Mooji and divide the Sangha.” These lies, the team shares, have had “the opposite effect” of bringing the community closer together and reinforcing the importance of Mooji’s teachings.

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Our investigation revealed that Be Scofield engages in deceptive practices by using a wide variety of names and email addresses, and by posting her articles on multiple self-owned websites.